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Born Ready for What?

"When will my child be ready to potty train?"

Well, how about now?

Babies are born ready!

Alright, so they might not be ready to manage the entire toileting process, by themselves, on day one - they're going to need help from The Big People for some time - but there's no need to resign yourself to two years of constant nappies while you wait for them to learn to dress themselves...

Are you ready to help out?

Young babies will often display some outward sign of discomfort (or concentration) when they feel the sensation of a full bladder or moving bowel.

With a bit of practice, you can either recognise these signals (vocalisations, moves, positions or facial expressions) or anticipate when the next 'event' might occur and react to help your child.

All you need to do is hold your baby in a position that relaxes their pelvic floor muscles at a time when they already have (or soon will have) the urge to 'go'.

If you've timed it right, it's all over in a matter of seconds and everyone stays clean. A milk fed baby would need a quick dab with a bit of loo roll and be done. No need for hosing down, a body wash with cold baby wipes or a bin that gets slowly more fruity as you wait for collection day / the next wash load.

(This is not the same as toilet training a toddler. The emphasis is very much on the carer recognising or anticipating a need and responding to it rather than the child doing everything independently. This is reflected in the terminology we use. We talk in terms of 'catches' and 'misses' - the responsibility of the carer not the child.)

Interested? Curious? Sceptical?

Why not find out what it's all about (possibly via some photographic evidence).

Wondering where you buy the book? Don't. There isn't one.

This site will explain everything you need to know to get started with baby-led pottying.

Start reading anywhere that takes your fancy, then follow your interest until you're sold on the idea. Then devour everything and (and this is what makes the difference between success and failure) act on what you've learned.

I've done this with four children of my own so I have 57,000 hours of practical experience. I've been active on pottying forums for six years so I've learned from hundreds of other people's experiences too.

Let me enlighten you!

Baby-led pottying is a pretty straight forward concept. You're a resourceful and capable parent / carer / interested party (right?). You'll be fine.

If you read this site, you'll know what you need to do.

Spend five minutes working out how to incorporate it into your life (read the getting started section for some ideas).

And then do it.

Just Started?

Read more about how we incorporated infant pottying into our (otherwise fairly normal) way of life.

Already Travelling This Route?

Want to banter with others who are on the same journey?

Then visit the forum.

There's lots of information on there written by mums who have given this a go.

Some started from birth; some started when their children started weaning; lots started when they heard about it whatever age their baby happened to be; some started 'late' (when their babies were several months old) with their first child and from birth with their second; some used nappies then traditionally potty trained their first child then pottied the second from birth...

There's a whole range of experiences that you might identify with.

Who? Why?

Want to know why this website exists at all?

Read my story.

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Be part of the revolution!

Babies are Born Potty Trained!

Well, not quite.
But the instinct is there if you want to develop it.

Born Ready Workshops!

Now Online!

The biggest barrier to baby pottying is getting started.

That's why I run workshops: to take you from principles to practice.

Pottying isn't difficult, but it's even easier with expert help.

Three week old baby being held over a top hat potty.  This image shows a good holding position for a floppy newborn baby: her back is supported along her father's forearm.

Three weeks old using a top hat potty (with a bit of help from Dad).

Go Nappy Free!

All of the time.
Or some of the time.
Or hardly at all.
But give it a go!
Find out how to start.

Got Questions?

Thought so.
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